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Crush It Week 7 

We are almost there!!!!

Week 7; Workout 1


Running Warm Up

stretch your quads, hips, hamstrings, 


Workout of the day:

400 m sprint (this should be as fast as possible)

100 air squats

400m sprint( as fast as possible)


Compare first 400 to 2nd 400m


Cool Down:

400m jog 400m walk. 





Week 7; Workout 2


Warm up:

Get your body feeling good.. a little sweat is ok.


6-10 rounds:

10 burpees as fast as possible rest 60 sec

move fast don’t pace it.. If you hit a wall that’s ok fight through it. 


Cool Down:

400-800m jog

Week 7; Workout 3


Get your body warmed up!!!


3-5 rounds:

20 lunges 

20 sit ups

20 squats. 

find a pace that will allow you to keep moving the whole time. 


Cool down:

walk for 5 minutes, or jog then stretch.

Nutritional Tips.

Week 7: Fuel up with healthy snacks


A lot of people associate snacks with being unhealthy, due to the abundance of unhealthy, processed
“snack” options available everywhere. Snacks can actually be a healthy part of a well-balanced diet and even aid in weight loss. There are many benefits to incorporating healthy snacks into your day. Snacks can help to prevent those vulnerable moments when you are so hungry you will eat just about anything to feel satisfied. They also can provide just enough satiety in between meals to help to prevent you from eating too much at your next meal. If you are exercising regularly, snacks can give you the extra boost to work out hard and stay energized. If you are watching your weight, I would suggest keeping snacks to 200 calories or less and limiting to 1-2 snacks per day. For example; if you are trying to follow a 1600 calorie diet to lose weight, I would suggest consuming around ~400 calories at each meal and ~200 calories at 2 snacks in between meals. Here is a link to a website that has great snack ideas for 200 calories or less, and categorized by food group (ex: dairy, vegetables, fruit, ect)

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