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Developing Skater to Advanced Skills


Our comprehensive training programs for aspiring derby skaters!  Our exciting classes will train you from the ground up to become the best derby player you can be!


Just Squeezed (No contact)-In approximately 6 weeks you'll learn your very basic skating skills, stance, cross overs and much more. Once you pass the basic skills you'll move forward to our Fresh Meat Program.  


Tenderized (18 & older)-Learn advanced skills & prepare to be 'bout ready' w/ whips, pushes, lateral movement, proper falls, hitting, jamming, pack work etc.  You'll be invited to practice with the Seasoned Crushers and potentially roster for a current season game depending on how quickly & safely your skills develop. 


Seasoned-Advanced skaters practice three times a week.  There is an opportunity to become a regular rostered player based on attendance, skills, and tests. 


Contact us for further details:   (509) 494-9630

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